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STAR.EXE fail in CosmosWorks 2008

Question asked by 1-OS7Q7K on Mar 20, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2010 by 1-E9V5A2

Hi everyone


I am using SolidWorks2008 Educational Version with CosmosWorks 2008.

The software is running on a machine with Windows XP and 10 GB RAM.


I have to run frequency studies (to find ressonant frequencies) on CosmosWorks 2008 for an assembly with around 140 parts. It sucessfully finishes the mesh and prepares the study but then an error on STAR.EXE appear when it starts to run. The study has 1668227 Nodes, 900934 Elements and 5004678 DOF.


This error only happens with this particular assembly but its running perfectly with other assemblies (smaller ones) and very quickly, indeed.

Any idea on what can be wrong?


Thanks, Jose