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    Centreline chaos

    Derek Bishop

      I'm trying to add centrelines to a pipe frame by drawing them in. This is tedious and as soon as the model changes slightly all of the sketch references become unsolved. This make the whole drawing process painfully slow.


      I've tried other methods. The first was to add centre lines as annotations. The problem here is that I need arc lengths along the pipe and this is difficult to achieve using annotation centrelines. In addition it is hard not possible to get intersection points of the annotation lines.


      The other method is to highlight a model sketch and convert this to the drawing. Problem here is that that certain views like details won't allow you to select those model sketches for the conversion.


      Any other suggestions?

        • Re: Centreline chaos
          Wayne Tiffany

          My first thought is to let SW add the centerlines all at once.  Select the drawing view and then hit the Centerline tool.  It will put centerlines everywhere it can, maybe more than you want.  But might be a better method.


          Another thought is to just show the sletches that created the pipes as this should then bring in the arcs also.


          If this is off base, please post an example.