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    Trouble with thermal stress model

    Robin Miller

      My model fails to run. I get an error "No loads are applied to the model." This is a thermal stress model. I have a Thermal Effects load applied with temperature taken from step 10 of my transient thermal run. The reference temperature at zero strain is also set. What am I doing wrong?

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          Anthony Botting
          Hi Robin: I seem to recall a bug in previous software versions related to Service Pack number. What version do you have (year and SP #)? You can attempt to debug it to an extent by not using the results from a thermal transient study - instead use a thermal steady state study. Develop a new thermal, steady state study, solve it, and then a static study and just couple the thermal gradients from the steady state transient to the static. Your VAR should help you fix this. Also I can try it here if you want to send a "Pack and Go" model. We are running SW 2010, SP2.1 and we have SW 2009, SP4.1 also (we have noticed Service Pack-dependent bugs). Thanks. Tony