Spline Handle Issues...

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 13, 2006
on 2006 13 08:14 dan sommerfeld wrote:
> Looking for some help.
> I just upgraded to 2007 this week and I have been spending some time trying out
> the new features. I love that the spline handles now can be weighted
> differently on either side of the spline point, but I have not found a way to
> make both sides symmetrical which is important to me.

If you use Alt-drag, the handle drags symmetrically

> believe you should be able to dimension the handles this way: Symmetrical with
> a singular dimension, or have two individual dimensions for either side of the
> handle point.

If you don't break the symmetry by dragging manually, a dimension does have symmetrical control. If you have broken symmetry and want to get it back, you can click Reset All Handles or just Reset This Handle.