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    How to control loft connectors??

    Aaron Moncur

      I am trying to loft two edges together and my connectors never seem to be symmetric from one side to the other.  I try creating new ones and dragging them, but there's not much precision doing that, and even when I do get it close, it seems like new connectors appear in the spot from which I dragged the old.  Is there a way to constrain connectors so that I get a nice clean loft without weird wrinkles?  Image and SW file (2010) are attached.





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          Derek Bishop
          When lofting, each profile needs to have the same number of arcs and lines as the other. I don't believe that you have that on your model. When you select the two profiles, ensure you select matching entities in about the same location.
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              Aaron Moncur
              Thanks, Derek.  You're right, I do not have the same number of arcs and lines in both sections.  Do I just use the split entity tool to create a matching number of entities?  Is there a better way all together to do what I'm trying to do?
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                  Derek Bishop
                  That should do the trick. You have to be a bit creative here and look for ways to achieve the requirements.
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                    Kieran Choy
                    You can always cheat and use a fit spline on both sketch profiles. This will reduce the number of entities in the sketch to 1
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                        ...use a fit spline on both sketch profiles






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                          Matt Lombard

                          Fit splines can introduce problems if they mate up to line-arc geometry. Splines can only approximate lines and arcs, so the match won't be perfect. An alternative is to use Boundary surface instead and go from one edge on one side to a limited selection on the other side, using multiple features connecting single edges. I've given up on trying to live by the "same number of elements in loft profile" rule. There are just too many ways around it, and it often limits you in some other way.


                          I'd like to jump in on the connectors discussion, though. I'd like connectors to be able to follow symmetry, or dimensions and relations like 3D sketch elements. They are powerful in controlling your shape, but they are also underpowered when you look at what you need them to do.

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                              Jerry Steiger

                              I'll chime in with Matt. More control over connectors, particularly for symmetry, would be very helpful. I would also agree that it is often better to break up surfaces instead of trying to make it all in one go.

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                                Neil Larsen

                                Well I may as well join the people lining up to ask for better loft connectors...

                                How many years have we been prompting for this though?

                                SW has become such a useless company.

                                Too much time spent chasing after clouds...

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                                  Matt and others,


                                  I too wish that we could attach dimensions to connectors (as well as control polys in a spline.) Of course, if you feel strongly about this, please submit an Enhancement Request via the customer portal. In the meantime, connectors will snap and stay parametric to sketch points so you certainly can control them dimensionally - abet around about way.


                                  Best Regards



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                                      Neil Larsen

                                      OK heres the trouble I have with making an ER for this.

                                      This issue has come up in forum conversation among surfacing enthusiasts many times over the years.

                                      I am quite sure you know very well what we are asking for and are in a better position to know what is feasible re the code than any user.

                                      Its not like these are not obvious and desireable enhancements that need a threshold of interest to justify.

                                      I mean you know its a good idea and we know its a good idea.

                                      It rounds out the functionality and usefulness of these tools - boundary included.

                                      Many good ideas have found there way into SW without the ER process.

                                      I don't see a problem with SW picking up on this issue in passing and surprising us with how self motivated and responsive you can be to customer feedback.

                                      I have seen it written on these very forums by coders that coders are eager to please SW users..

                                      This is an ideal opportunity for someone to show their talent on a good wee project who is not involved in the big cloud adventure.

                                      As the manager of new product concepts who better to spot a good idea to implement and mentor the development of a coder in the ID area than your good self.

                                      I feel strongly we have provided enough subtle clues about what could/should be done for someone to have a private eureka moment.

                                      I dont even mind if they get the credit for it and a bonus...

                                      yours etc

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                                          Hi Neal,


                                          Thanks for your response. There is no doubt that myself and my colleagues would love to have this enhanced functionality for connectors but the issue at hand is prioritizing it with the approximately 5000 other enhancements that are currently submitted, not to mention our current emphasis on quality and performance.  To that end, Enhancement Requests, and multiples thereof centered around a single idea, help us to better prioritize the need and desire. So users submitting them, and even forming collations for submiting them (i.e. SWW top ten) are a powerful user influence on guiding the future direction of the software; actually more so than my voice within SW.


                                          Best Regards



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                                              Robert Stupplebeen



                                              Part of the issue is that we are basically already providing enhancement requests by posting here.  The extra step of creating an enhancement request is extra work and provides no visibility to other users.  Could a voting method for threads allowing to vote it a bug or an enhancement request be implemented in this forum?  Thanks.


                                              Rob Stupplebeen

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                                                Neil Larsen

                                                Mark ...honestly it sounds like an exercise in futility with a government department...


                                                OK so what gets an ER up the priority scale?

                                                Comprehensive and detailed presentation? the repute of the submitter? popular votes? SW manager sponsorship?

                                                What if 5 peopel cut and paste the same ER ? does that impress someone somewhere who matters in the great oily SW machine?

                                                By way of comparison what is number 500 ER on the present priority list? - ie assuming this request could better it and it could be tackled for SW2013.

                                                Is there a quota of ER per release just for ID purposes for instance?


                                                Will introducing new features always displace the finishing off of older ones?

                                                I really hate the way we get a whole lot of partially complete items that no one revisits to polish up their usefulness...

                                                In the case of these suggestions re connectors once its done its truly operational to the best standard.

                                                There was a time when SW declared to have a goal to have the best midrange ID capabilty.

                                                Think of all the neat ideas that have been put forward...all disappeared into oblivion..probably because mouse gestures were somebody's lifelong ambition...


                                                Is SW even interested in adding meaningful stuff to the old program any more or is all effort going into the cloud solution?

                                                Surely quality and performance are politically correct targets of questionable worth.

                                                We both know quality hasnt improved over the years - there are still 2-3000 bugs per release and it isnt about to change.

                                                Every time performance is mentioned you guys tell us you cant do anything because its a linear process, apparently...


                                                How about ignoring marketing and upper management interference and work on things that actually matter