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New project from existing

Question asked by robert dattilo on Mar 19, 2010
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         I've created an assy., & now I want to create another assy., where about 5 details change. I thought the pack & go might work best because it has an option to take the drawings. What I'd like to do, is completely break alignment between the files; almost like I would be taking this package & putting it on another computers c: drive. where the two jobs couldn't see each other. That way even the drawings would update when I make my changes, but the original file would not be touched if that would be possible.


         My first try with pack & go, was it still wanted to change the model of the original part if I changed the new jobs same part, but by renameing it that broke the association with the model.


         However it broke association with the detail on the new sheet & it's still looking at the previous job, when I'd want these two to be completely separate, but it does that because of the new name of the part. 


         I also tried the save as copy with the assy., but I was hoping that the pack & go would work, because it would seem easier to take the drawings as well as the assys., & parts. Also is there a better way then renaming all of the parts etc. to break associativity?


         Alot of wordy stuff here but I think users that have tried to create a new project from an old & keep them completly separate know what I'm trying to achieve.


         Appreciate any help on this subject; thanks in advance.

                         rob_d (2209 sp4)