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Flattened harness showing up in assembly view

Question asked by John Burrill on Mar 19, 2010

OK, so I try out flattening a harness.  I make an annotative flattening just to see what it looks like.  I don't use it but I leave the configuration in the rout assembly and go on with my life.  I unload the routing add-in to free up the Premium license for someone else.

A couple of days later, I load the routing plug-in and my drawing views show the flattened harness and the assembly harness both in the same view.

So I investigate and it turns out the flattened harness is supressed even.  We're now at a WTF moment.

So I open the harness by itself (thinking it's a rebuild issue) and the flower of flattened wires disappears in the route, assembly and drawing.  However, after I've closed the route and rebuilt the drawing it comes back.

Well, the final solution was to delete the flattened route (rmb on the route feature and select 'delete) and the problem hasn't recurred, but before I get it on SPR, I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this.