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boundary conditions of a storage tank

Question asked by 1-PMSP06 on Mar 17, 2010



So i have to resolve some problem with my models of a storage tank.The standing of the tank is vertical and the inlet and outlet of the tank are in the to extreme side.I have already define the volume of fluid but i want to know which conditions I take for the tow lids ( I think that inlet mass flow is the best choice for the inlet but for the outlet I don't know which condition I should take (static pressure/environnment pressure...))? In a second time I want to define that the water which is go in the tank have a growing temperature, so is it possible to define an expression for temperature in boundary condition. I would see in the end of the compilation the growing of temperature in the tank and the loss of temperature through the tank.I don't know if SW flow simulation can do that and if it simulate the mouvement of fluid in the tank between hot water and cold water (difference of density)?!


Thanks for your help