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    Preview tab not showing correct revision

    luke dearth

      Our current drawing template show the revision in the title block and the upper right hand corner. If I open the drawing from PDME into SW, the revisions all show correctly. If I print directly from the preview window, without opening the drawing, the revisions sometimes show incorrectly (as previous revision). Also, we have seen this issue lately with non SW users opening the drawings in e-drawings. Can anyone help with this?


      thank you,


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          Mati Link

          1) Are you sure they are using latest versions?

          2) If attributes come from model then maybe you have not updated/saved drawing after revision in model attributes was updated?

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            Kevin Vaughan

            I have the same problem - I know the cause but not the solution.


            Our drawing template displays a text field that is driven from the part. (like  part Revision)

            When yuo release the part and drawing together, the part property changes, but the drawing is not rebuilt to show the change.

            The preview pane, and SW will then display different infomration because the preview is the not-rebuilt file, the SW automatically rebuilts the drawing before you see it.


            I need a way to rebuild the drawing in the background without the user taking ownership and potentialy making changes


            Anybody know how???


            Somehow EPDM does this for properties that are part of the drawing card ( like dwg Revison and watermark)

            but not for things which pass through the drawing template

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                Corey Vantilborg

                We have also seen this issue. In fact so frequently that we have given up on the preview, and E-Drawings in general.


                We have found that sometimes even checking out the file, rebuilding, saving and checking back in does not fix this issue. The preview still does not update.


                We are using an older version of both Solidworks and Enterprise and I had hoped that this issue would go away.  I know that the vast majority of our drawings are rebuilt before check in, and still we run into this.


                As a solution we have been creating .pdf conversions of every drawing and using that outside of Engineering(or other CAD users).


                If anyone finds a good solution to make the Preview work 100% I'd love to hear it.



                Corey Vantilborg

                Tigercat Industries