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    Can't delete Empty Folder.

    Mark Kot



      Has anyone ever had a problem where you can't delete an empty folder.

      This folder has been created in our vault and it has been used before (it contained files) but now it is empty.

      When I try to delete this folder, I get a pop-up window stating that the folder contains hidden files you may not delete.

      I am the administrator and I am almost alowed to do anything including delete etc.

      The person who created this folder insists that they don't have anything local in that folder.

      Could it be that the PDM system still has some hidden files in this folder and it's blocking me from deleting?

      Is there a way to search for that user who has local files in this folder?


      Thanks, Mark

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          Jeff Walters
          Have you checked the recycle bin? it could be that files have been deleted but not destroyed.
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            Desiree Villeneuve
            Have you unchecked the "hide extension for known file type" and "hide protected operating system files" in folder options under the view tab?  Also sometimes if SW is still open it 'hides' temporary files and it won't allow you to delete.  If no-one is using any files in that folder then simply delete the temp files.
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              Christian Koeferstein

              Hello Mark,


              had the same problem, empty folder, no files, also no hidden files. I try many things - rename etc. but nothing helps me. So i looked at the next service pack and see that the problem is solved. We changed the version from EPDM 2010 SP 0 to SP2. Then deleting empty folders was no problem.





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                Brian Dalton

                Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I'm having the exact same problem, and since I'm running EPDM 2011 I can't depend on the posted solution of 'updating' to EPDM 2010 SP 2.


                I have just one folder that claims to contain 2 files that are hidden and can't be deleted, despite the fact that the admin account has every possible permission allowed.


                Also, I have another folder with two SW files that I simply can't delete.  I created them, but it tells me that I lack permissions to delete, again despite the fact that I'm admin and therefore (ostensibly) all-powerful.


                Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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                    Steven Dod

                    I just went through this myself.  First make sure you have "destroyed" the deleted files.  Right-click the folder, choose properties, go to the Deleted Items tab and make sure there is nothing listed (make sure the sub-folder checkbox is checked).  If there are no files listed and you still cannot delete the empty folder then you need a special SQL script.  I got one from my VAR.  Once the users were offline our admin ran the script and it fixed the problem.  If the problem reoccurs you have to run the script again.

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                    Brian Dalton

                    Thanks for the reply, Steven, but the problem is that I _can't_ delete the files.  If I could delete them, then I could destroy them, but when I try to delete them it tells me I lack permission.


                    I'll talk to my VAR about the script you mention.

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                        Kurt Lundstedt

                        Just wanted to remind everyone that the "admin" user doesn't necessarily have rights to do anything in the vault. Yes they can see new files that have not been checked in yet and check in other users files from other vault views, but rights need to be assigned to them just like everyone else.  So if the admin user doesn't have delete rights in a particular folder or for a particular workflow state then they can't delete a file.