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BOM consistency within any given drawing

Question asked by 1-5IS351 on Mar 16, 2010

I apologize if this has been answered - I have been searching for an easy way to do this without luck thus far.


Is there an easy way to use the BOM functionality for a drawing file and have it remain consistent?


It seems to me that it would be consistent (and intuitive) that SW would know that if the piston on an engine assembly was labeled part 4 in the BOM for that assembly (assigned by default) that it would also know that it should be part 4, in the same drawing, by default when I detail the piston as a part. I would also like this to be consistent sheet-to-sheet.


It's as if SW has no idea that the assembly in a drawing file has anything to do with the part from which the assembly is built. I'm sure there is a simple way to get what I want here...pleased point me in the right direction.


Currently, I'm forced to use the BOM tool and balloon assignments for the largest given assembly. This works great. But, I then have to manually change the part numbers on all other sub assemblies and parts detailed on the same sheet. Needless to say this is tedious. I would like for SW to know that part X for assembly Y is ALSO part X for sub-assembly Z (assuming it's the same part).