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holes with variable pitches on x- axis

Question asked by Mark Greenwell on Mar 13, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2010 by Wayne Tiffany



Is this possible. I have a plate with holes with variable pitches on the X- axis. The hole X- centers on Y axis are the same (200mm).


In our drilling software i can input variable pitches on the X-axis thus 300;2@75;450;2@90


So working from a set end it will show holes at correct x distance.


In SolidWorks I am having to use two groups to get the same result.


!st group is 300 then 2 at 75mm

2nd group is 900 then 2 at 90.


Is it possible to do these variable pitches all in one go. (assuming the y axis is always the same).


See attatched sketch for an example




Mark (SolidWorks 2010)