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Discussion created by Seth Renigar on Mar 12, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2010 by Jim Wilkinson

I've been using SW since '96.  Years ago, if you had a problem or didn't know how to do something, usually you could go to the help file and figure it out with amazing ease and speed.  I used to praise SolidWorks for having the overall best help file I had ever seen in any software.  It was easy to find what you needed, easy to navigate, the information was easy to understand & thorough, there were relative links on each page that took you to related information, etc.  It was simply great!  It was so good, I'd say at least 40-50% or more of my earlier years training came from the help file.


Somewhere along the line, the whole format of the help file changed.  I may be wrong but I think it was SW2007.  Now, I have the hardest time finding what I need.  And most of the time, I simply give up looking for it after a while.  If I do find the information, its usually not very detailed, missing information, or simply doesn't make any sense.  Its almost pointless.  We haven't made the move to SW2010 yet.  But I'd bet its no better there either.


Is there any long time users out there that have noticed the same thing, or am I just imagining things?