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Enhancement Ideas for Motion

Question asked by Thilo Trautwein on Mar 14, 2010

First let me say that I recently started working with Motion, and I have to say it's a great, underestimated product.

Thanks to Ian here in this forum, I managed to simulate a quite interesting mechanism including some basic functions simulating the torque/speed relationship for an electric motor. While constraining with bushings and manually removing overconstraint situations is a bit of a hassle, once it's known it's ok to deal with it.

The only three areas I see room for improvement are the following:


1) Export to ADAMS. While I'm not an ADAMS user, we failed to export the analysis model over to ADAMS. Problem is most likely that the institute we are working with is using a older version of ADAMS than SolidWorks 2010 writes.

One should be able to specify - similar like for Parasolid - which is the target version of ADAMS, and ideally which components to include/suppress.


2) While we can specify something closer to a "real motor" by using a torque, which in turn depends on a speed difference (thanks again to Ian), we do not get some of the outputs that are included in the motor element (like power consumption) this way. It would be really cool if we could have a motor that is closer to reality, which can be further specified through a few parameters (i.e. type - servo or asyncronous, 1-4 data points for a torque-speed curve, desired drive speed, and maybe one parameter how "stiff" the control loop is set to adjust for a deviation in speed.

In terms of additional simulation elements, I can connect several shafts with gears, which works well, but ideally I'd like to connect them through a synchronous (or toothed) belt, which has some limited longitudinal (tension) stiffness, which in turn may have an impact on the performance or accuracy of a mechanism driven by such a belt (and the forces acting on some components due to it's tension).


3) The user interface is great for such a package. One should however be able to entirely block the creation of new time points. I often change visibility, make small changes, but by accident had the time slider set to the end of the simulation, or an arbitrary time. The layout when creating a video animation which includes diagrams is kind of predictible, however, it would be even nicer if there was a WYSIWYG mode where you can arrange things as they are then written to the .avi



Best regards, Thilo