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Anybody else have issue with NVIDIA fx1600m and Win7x64?

Question asked by Carter West on Mar 12, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2010 by Brian Park

After upgrading to the Win7x64 and SolidWorks 2010 SP2.1 for 64 bit my screen would often times go black.  Then it seemed I couldn't keep a session open for five minutes without a crash and a ntdll.dll fault.


My hero came in the form of a service tech at my VAR.


It seems that just updating the NVIDIA card from DELL didn't completely upgrade the driver.  There is a NVIDIA supplemental driver that you need AFTER you update the FX1600m driver


Once loaded paying careful attention to the instructions not only does SW run like a champ, but it seems everything is running faster and better.


Hope this can help if you have a similar setup.