Discussion created by Guest on Aug 17, 2006
I believe the best method for fluids and other items without geometry is to use an empty part file. It seems much better than adding yet another SW feature. Part files have the following qualities . . .

1. Good place to store custom properties, such as Part Number, Description, Catalog number, vendor, etc.

2. Get "where used" information when the component is paced in more than one assembly.

3. Useful for multiple ballooning. When included in the assembly, the item gets a balloon number.

4. Changes to custom properties will propogate to the assemblies and assembly drawings.

I think once you put together all the features you'd want in such a thing, what you get is part file. I do wish an "AR" property was available in SW, which would automatically replace the item count when included in a parts list.

Dwight Livingston
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