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Deleting *.096 - *.127 and other misc. files?

Question asked by Matt Medford on Mar 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2010 by Fortino Lopez

When running certain static analyses, I notice that SWX leaves files with extensions numbered .096 to .127 in the folder where I'm running.  For some analyses it seems to either a) not create them in the first place or b) automatically delete them.  They are approx. 75Mb each so just one set is over 2Gb of space.  Can I delete them safely?



I know that .cwr needs to stay since that's my results.  What about .EFF, .P39, .P41, .P42, .P45, .PC0, and .PC1?  My assumption is that at least some of these are temp files created during the PCG iterations and that they can be gotten rid of after the analyses are complete.


Comments?  Recommendations?