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    Deleting *.096 - *.127 and other misc. files?

    Matt Medford

      When running certain static analyses, I notice that SWX leaves files with extensions numbered .096 to .127 in the folder where I'm running.  For some analyses it seems to either a) not create them in the first place or b) automatically delete them.  They are approx. 75Mb each so just one set is over 2Gb of space.  Can I delete them safely?



      I know that .cwr needs to stay since that's my results.  What about .EFF, .P39, .P41, .P42, .P45, .PC0, and .PC1?  My assumption is that at least some of these are temp files created during the PCG iterations and that they can be gotten rid of after the analyses are complete.


      Comments?  Recommendations?

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          Anthony Botting

          Yes you can delete them as it was explained to me, these are temporary (and potentially annoying) files - the ones that are numbered, that is. This is a bug I recently reported and SW recently fixed in the latest service pack. Here is the communication from Dassault:


          -------- Original Message --------
          Subject:      SolidWorks SPR Status change notification
          Date:      9 Mar 2010 05:55:17 -0500
          From:      support@solidworks.com
          To:      abotting@texasengineering.com

          Dear Anthony,

          The following SPR (SolidWorks Performance Report) status has changed to Implemented.

          SR# (Service Request): 1-1455166681
          VAR SR#: 15164
          SPR#: 524799
          Description: Solver writes large temporary files with numerical extension (..096, .097, .098 ... .123, .124, etc) to 'Last User path' folder and never deletes them
          Status: Implemented.
          Version: 2010 SP02

          For more information, visit the VAR Resource Center and select Service Requests (SRs) or Knowledge Base (SPRs).

          Best Regards,

          Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp. Technical Support

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            Matt Medford

            I can confirm that all *.096 - *.127 files can be deleted.  Also *.PC0, *.PC1, *.P39, *.P41, *.P45.


            I was just able to clean up about 10 Gigs of space by deleting them all.

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                Fortino Lopez

                Glad you looked into the simulation temp files.


                We're running 2010 SP3.1 and those temporary *.NUM files still show up inconsistently under the SW install directory. Although the majority of the time those files do disappear automagically, it seems the software fix still needs some tweaking.


                Did you find anything about the *.EFF files? As you said, there are a plethora of simulation files in the results folders (including empty folders!) so it would be benefical to know which files may be safely deleted.


                Thanks for posting this issue up!