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    Simulation on the solder wire

      Hello all,

      I have a problem wherein I would like the simulation to work like 3D scanning machine.


      Ok let me explain the requirement. I have a solder wire which is an alloy made of Nickel and tin. The inner core of which is made up of flux. the wire is extruded out of an extruder and the flux is forced into it to form the inner core. Sometimes this flux becomes discontinuos and results in the solder wire being unusable at that location.


      I have a feeling that SWX simulation cant handle this. Can anyone suggest me how to tackle this issue and which software can handle this problem.


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          Hello Shankar,


          You'll have to be more specific in your question.  What physical mechanism do you think is at work when the wire formation fails?  What type of material is the flux?  Could this be a fluid flow problem?  What type of fluid would you consider your flux to be? 


          This may not even be a problem you need simulation for.  You could examine the flux extruder and see if all its parts are working correctly.  Is there something preventing it from extruding (or forcing) the flux at a steady rate?


          I hope that this could help you out somehow.



          David Fletcher