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Cannot connect to vault computer over a VPN

Question asked by Jack Finnerty on Mar 11, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2010 by Steve Ostrovsky

Hi all,


I wonder if anyone can advise me on the following:


I have a floating licence server and Workgroup PDM vault set up on our server in London where I am located, and am in the process of setting up a colleague to use SolidWorks who is located in Dublin - connecting over a VPN to use our licences and connect to our PDM vault.


He is connected over VPN and can open SolidWorks and check out a licence from our server (this shows on the SolidNetWork Licence Administrator) but is having problems connecting to the PDM vault.


At the moment he is using the same vault name as me, but this is not connecting and the username and password boxes are greyed out. Does he need to use a different syntax for the vault name or something similar?


Any help would be very appreciated.