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Windows Explorer AND Solidworks Crashing on ASSYs

Question asked by Matt Finley on Mar 10, 2010

This may be somewhat related to the thread here but I didn't want to hijack it.


I have SW 2008 64 bit installed in Vista. I almost immediately started getting crashes when working with assy's. It crashes when I try to open or save-as from the file menu. It also crashes explorer.exe (windows explorer) when I navigate to the assy folder in windows, without even having solidworks running. The cause shows a solidworks dll but I can't track it down. Looks like it might be related to the shell menu. (I can paste the error later this afternoon.)


Some times I can simply rename the directory and it will behave for a while, but not always. Sometimes I've had to completely delete the files, rename or delete the directory, and create a new one. But that's just some times.


I've searched here and google but haven't found anything that looks like it might be the problem. I thought at first it might be my video card, but since it's crashing windows explorer too I kind of doubt it.


Has anyone else seen this? Should I try to remove SW from the shell menu? I've checked for updates but haven't found any. I think IT might have installed them all when they installed SW.