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Does 3/4" pipe give anyone else trouble?

Question asked by Philip Lewis on Mar 10, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2010 by Philip Lewis

We have had the same issue with 3/4 inch pipe since I started here using SW2005. The 3/4" pipe is the only one that will not, when saved externally, use a single file with configurations. I have 8in and 3in pipe in my route and it uses one file for each. They show up in Feature manager as 8inSchedule20<1> and 8inSchedule20<2> but the 3/4" pipe shows up as 075inSchedule40_1 and 075inSchedule40_2. Because of this each piece of 3/4" pipe has to be manually told to save externally which creates its own new file. Also, if I change my route and remove a piece the file isn't deleted and the next piece creates a new file. Has anyone else noticed this? If so, have you solved it or do you just live with it like we do?