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    Need Help Patching this area

    Thomas Jackson



      I need to patch this hole in a surface and I'm unable todo a surface fill.  Unable to pick the edges, but will pick surfaces in the background.  Here is a screen shot of the problem area



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          Chris Kamery

          Any chance you can post the file? It's hard for me anyways to see exactly what needs patched.


          Other methods that may help are using the Extend Surface tool and then Trim if needed. Boundary and Loft Surfaces may help too.

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            Jerry Steiger



            I don't understand when you say it won't let you pick the edges. Any of the edges? Or just some of them? If it is only some, you may be able to use a 3D Sketch to add an edge you can't pick.


            You will probably have problems where the arc shaped edge on the right meets the roughly straight edge to its left at a very sharp angle. You might try trimming off the arc shaped piece and then filling the easier three or four sided patch.


            Jerry Steiger

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              Derek Bishop
              A couple of thoughts. The first is rather than using edges, convert the edges to a 3D sketch and ensure that all the sketches join properly at the corners. I get the impression the edges you are selecting may not be meeting at the corners properly. The other thing is that I've had problems in the past where you have a corner going down to a thin sliver as in those locations where you have a line meeting with a tangent curve. You have that at one of the corners. One way around this is to split the surface in such away that will allow you to trim the edges and avoid these thin slivers. For example you end up with a cut out that almost looks like a semi circle. That should be easier to fill or use to create a boundary surface.