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Slow Response Time When Using Motion Manager

Question asked by 1-LVJ2ZO on Mar 9, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2010 by John Sutherland

I am using Motion Manager on an Assembly with less than 20 parts, and the Motion module is hanging up my PC.  I saw another post about Motion sucking the life out of the PC, but I am unsure if my issue is the same.  I have updated my graphics card, and this is occurring on multiple types of PCs at my work (with different graphics cards).  I even tried to open the files locally (stored on my Desktop) versus from our Network.


When I am in the Motion tab, just hovering my mouse over a key point hangs up the computer in SolidWorks only.  Other applications are still running fine, and it looks like SolidWorks is not using the CPU during the time it is hung up.  It is worse when the key point has lots of metadata displayed via the popup that occurs when you hover over a key point.  It is as if this popup is hanging up SolidWorks, and it takes about 30sec for it to "find" itself again and recover.


Any suggestions?