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Tiled windows do not display correctly- sw2010 x64

Discussion created by Simon Richardson on Mar 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2012 by Paul Marsman

Just a post to offer a glimmer of hope to all those that have gremlins in their tiled window display-


My problem- go >tile windows, but instead of instantly getting all open documents shown, you get the tiled window frames, but still have the last used file shown in all the graphics areas, until you move the mouse onto each window. Often I have to click in the graphics area of each and every window to get it to correct its display.


Annoying as it slows down your pick of the next file wanted-


Here is what my VAR has come up with:

Similar issue has been received to our development team from other customers using x64 machines. The reference number for this issue is SPR 525207 [summary- SWx64 Tile window does not repaint windows properly].


By the way I am running an FX1800 with the SW approved driver,


If I disable the graphics by using the options>system options>performance>use software open GL, the problem still there