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EPDM 2010 indented BOM numbers

Question asked by Chad Leman on Mar 8, 2010
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I have just set up a test bed for EPDM 2010 - and I like what I see as far as the BOM displaying the SW <Part Number> field.  This has been a big hangup with us until now.  Toolbox parts especially needed to display the <Part Number> field from SW instead of the file name or even the config name.




Now how do I get a BOM with indented part numbers.  Our inventory system needs an excel file with 1 being the top assembly, 1.1 a sub of that assy, 1.1.1,     1.1.2,     2,     2.1,     2.2 etc...


SW does this no problem - now what about EPDM???  Our whole battle has been to get EPDM to kick out a BOM to match SW BOM exactly.