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    EPDM 2010 indented BOM numbers

    Chad Leman



      I have just set up a test bed for EPDM 2010 - and I like what I see as far as the BOM displaying the SW <Part Number> field.  This has been a big hangup with us until now.  Toolbox parts especially needed to display the <Part Number> field from SW instead of the file name or even the config name.




      Now how do I get a BOM with indented part numbers.  Our inventory system needs an excel file with 1 being the top assembly, 1.1 a sub of that assy, 1.1.1,     1.1.2,     2,     2.1,     2.2 etc...


      SW does this no problem - now what about EPDM???  Our whole battle has been to get EPDM to kick out a BOM to match SW BOM exactly.

        • EPDM 2010 Position Number Problem
          Chad Leman

          Okay - I found the position number function, but it is not working properly on my assembly.  I tried it on smaller assemblies and it seems to work, but on a four-level deep assembly it doesn't match the position numbers with the indentations at all.  It's all wacky.


          Three questions:


          1.  Is it possible to get EPDM to work with the large assembly?  Do I need to upgrade (still on SP 0).

          2.  Is there any way to export the BOM without the padded indent spaces, just the position numbering?  Our purchasing man has to manaully delete all the spaces in the spreadsheet.

          3.  Can I use EPDM functionality to export to an XLS sheet?  I only have the choice of BOM and CSV files.  Where is the Excel option like in SW????