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Corrupt File Error When Installing 2010 SP2.1

Question asked by Michele Craig on Mar 8, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2010 by Michele Craig

I am creating an admin image for / installing SW2010 SP2.1 (We had 2009, which I removed prior to new installation).


I did this by first downloading the files from SW website.


When I get to the "Creating Administrative Image" step, about 17% through, I get the following SIM error:


This file that is required for installation is corrupt:

The file might have become corrupted during a download or when reading from a source directory. Delete the source directory and then rerun Installation Manager to download the files again.

When contacting Technical Support about installation issues, you will need to provide the installation log files available in this directory. Use the button below to save your logs as a zip file for sending to your support representative.


Has anyone else had this problem and / or know how to fix it?


Thank you.