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Pack n go error "Parameter not Correct"

Question asked by 1-9235V8 on Mar 8, 2010

This started happening on one persons computer when we upgraded to SW2009 and it seems to be somehow linked to the files.  My personal opinion is that he is unorganized which leads to: 1) He needs to use pack n go; and 2) He is doing something that screws up the program and makes pack n go fail.


That being said, the failure in pack n go seems to be the diffrence between what the files were originaly named and what he changed the name to using windows explorer.  The process that he goes through is 1) copy all the files from the network to his computer. 2) Open files & make modifications 3) save files as part number + revision (for some reason he loves doing this and breaking our links to file name in the templates) 4) delete original files 5) open assembly and reassociate new files. 6) Pack n go the assembly to a zip file.


The problem he is now having is that when he tries to Pack N Go the assembly the error pops up as "Parameter not correct" and the list of files does not include anything that was saved as a new file name.  I checked the referances and it does have all of the referances listed to the new file names.


Does anyone know how to determine what parameter is not correct? Has anyone else seen this problem and found a solution?