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    Measure box missing??

    Rich Bolduc

      Hi everyone,


         For some reason the Measure pop-up box has vanished on me.  Using SW2010.  Pretty sure I've seen it since swapped over to 2010, but now I can't find it.  I'm talking about the box that pops up with you click the measure tool that gives you all the details and lets you choose the options for units, precision, etc.





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          Brian Hoerner



          Had a couple of users have this issue, for one user it was caused by going from two monitors to one, for another I had to wipe his registry and have him start over.


          From what I can tell, it is possible that this is related to using the same sldreg file from previous versions, some of these folks having problems have necer started a new setting sfile in three or four major releases, but of course this is just an enormous guess that seems to hold some water.


          Other users have pointed to tricks to activate the measure dialogue box, then use the arrow keys to move it back to on screen location, but it hasn't worked for me with SW, other programs it has.




          Good Luck,


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            Wayne Tiffany

            Another thought is that it just isn't "dropped down" and is sitting at the top of the FT and therefore is not noticed.



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              Matt Hampshire

              Hey, I've been having the same problem with the measure dialog box. I don't know how many times I've deleted the measure box position in the registry.



              Until SW can find a solution, I've found a work-around! It's much easier than the regedit thing.





              Sometimes I have to do it twice.... an Alt-Space to figure out which side of the screen the dialog box is off of.... Then the second Alt-Space to cursor it back on.



              I hope this helps someone!

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                Sherdz Buckland

                Just for the record, I have encountered this problem on two of our machines here, both with dual monitors, but only with them configured to have the primary monitor on the right hand side & running SWX on the left monitor.

                The first time the measure box was used, it popped up on the primary monitor (right), and stayed there, even after several restarts of SWX, but if you dragged the box over to the left hand screen, the next time you tried to open it, it was gone.

                Re-configuring the monitors to have the left hand one as primary fixed the problem and the measure box reappeared.