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Photo view 360 webinar

Question asked by 1-KT90MG on Mar 8, 2010
Okay, hopefully this isn't the wrong thing to do.  (if so I appolagise and please remove) our local Industrial design society of America WI chapter will be hosting a online Solidworks Webinar for Photoview 360. (i will actually be doing the webinar)  It is free for IDSA members and $15.00 for non members with 50% going to a local charity.  I will also be giving Props to a few people who in the SW community have provided me with knowledge and insight via their postings and or responses.  The info for the event is below, Hey Maybe SW would even be willing to Pay for a few spots as it is free promotion for their software....... Any ways the even details are below.




                Whether you are in ID or Engineering one of the hardest tasks can be to communicate your 3D model to someone who is unfamiliar with looking at a "standard shaded view" For those that use Solid works, this problem has become much easier to overcome even if you have little to no experience in creating photo renderings.


                 IDSA Wisconsin would like to invite you to attend 1.5 hour webinar On March 25th starting at 12pm central time with focus on Solid works Photoview 360 including Photoshop manipulation.  This will be an IDSA sponsored event and free to members, with a nominal fee of $15.00 for non-members. Please feel free to pass this email along to anyone who may be interested, Including Engineers.


Chevis Watkinson and Joshua Talsky We will cover various features and techniques found within Photoview, along with some post processing tips that help to save time and unnecessary re-renders. This event will also be recorded for download so if you register and are unable to make it you will not miss out.


Please click on the link below for registration


If you have any questions about the event or want to ensure we cover a topic related to the software please feel free to contact


Ryan Ramos IDSAwi Chapter Chair




Chevis Watkinson IDSAwi Vice Chair


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