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Toolbox items exclude from BOM, component names not replaced

Question asked by James Smith on Mar 8, 2010

Not sure if i have got some settings wrong but this is the problem i am having.


Some assemblies i generate i add some toolbox items. Normally i dont want these shown up on the BOM so i RMB properties and click the exlcude from BOM checkbox. I then get a message saying component name is linked to component file name when 'update component names when documents are replaced' is checked in the external references page of the options dialog box etc.


So i navigate to this check box and uncheck it. I can then exclude toolbox item from BOM. However when i then come to replace an item or pack and go the model the names of the assembly items dont change to the new 'given' name. I then have to go back to this checkbox in the external reference page, select it and re-open up the  new pack and gone assembly. This then changes all the names for the new ones.


This never happened on 2009 SW....but seems to be happening on my 2010 version (running SP2.1)


Any thoughts...have i missed some other setting in the toolbox setting menus ??


Thanks for any help in advance