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PDM WorkGroup Vault installation on Win 2008 Std. x 64

Question asked by 1-2QRZB6 on Mar 6, 2010
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Hello Everyone,


I am not a SolidWorks user and work with it every few years.

Today I started migrating from SERVER1, Win 2003 Std. x86 to SERVER2, Win 2008 Std. x64.


As the steps say, I made a copy of the Vault on SERVER2, uninstalled PDM WorkGroup Vault as was required by similar instruactions from local partner, and started installation from the SolidWorks 2010 sp2.1 installer downloaded from customer portal.

I was puzzled at the license information screen option to enter PDM WorkGroup Vault license, which I did not get, we use Network License Manager - entered, and clicked next to start the download / installation.


Right now the screen sits on Finishing download operation... for over two hours.

Since I do it only every few years, not sure how long I should wait.


How long should I wait?

If I kill the process, what's my next step?

I cannot have eng dept waiting on Monday for this issue to be re-solved.


Your help is greatly appreciated.



As I started reading the problems listed here, I really wonder why do I pay for the licenses so BIG bucks every year if I can't get simple support with installation and there is so many bugs users report.

Is this SolidWorks a game in itself or this is a serious business applicatoin?

I guess that's my frustration out there above.


Thank you.