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video card not listed

Question asked by John Kreutzberger on Mar 6, 2010
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I have posted about this before with no replies, but would like to try again. My travel computer is a pretty good one from Xi.


Intel Core2 Duo ; E6850@3ghz with 3 gb ram. OS XP Pro-32 bit, sp3. My vid card is nVidia quadro FX 1600M.driver


I have started using SW2010 on this computer-not really by choice, but because I was forced to do so by a customer who supplied part files in 2010 format.I figured it would be a good test of the new release. I got through that project and logged about 90 hours with no huge problems and only 1 crash which I suspect was self-inflicted. I was seeing some minor problems that seemed like they could be related to my video card and went to the support section to see if I needed to update my drivers. This card is not listed anywhere.


Does this mean it is not approved? I have the quadro FX 1700 on my 64-bit workstation that I use for the bulk of my production work-still on SW 2009, sp4.1. This has been working fine. My understanding is that the 1600M is the mobile version of the 1700. Does that mean I can use drivers listed for the 1700 interchangeably for the 1600M?


I made a very similar post a year ago and had several views but no replies. (the driver listed above is an old one dated 7/30/08 and the reason I have not up-dated it is due to being unable to get an answer to this question.) Does that mean that I am asking a stupid question? Is this an oversight on the part of the SW support team that accumulates information on graphics cards? Perhaps `everybody knows' that the 1600M and 1700 are virtually the same thing. Well, I don't. Would somebody please enlighten me??