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BOM Display of Toolbox Items

Question asked by Tara Campese on Mar 5, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2010 by Tara Campese

Hi everyone,


I have created a BOM equation that puts the description of toolbox items as their configuration name (eg, HX-SHCS 0.138-32x0.5x0.5-N), but what I want it to display is #6-32x0.5 (or #6-32x1/2").  I can definitely do this by having the user type in a description when inserting the toolbox item, but then there is room for error or deviation in style depending on who is creating the assembly.  My company wants everything to be uniform and, essentially, make it so the user doesn't have to input anything (except of course the size and length of the bolt).


Is there a way to get the BOM to display sizes in this fashion without having the user input it?


One method I tried was to put an if statement in the column: IF('IsFastener'='Yes';'Size'x'Length';'Description').  However, I could not get the column to populate for the fasteners.  Also, the problem with this method is that it would show a SizexLength Description even for Nuts.


Does anyone know of a better way of doing this?