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    Trouble with imported files

      Everynow and then I try to insert a file I received from a customer into a drawing file, and it doesn't work. The green load bar on the bottom continuously fills up and empties, and the part keeps switching from under defined to overdefined. It gets stuck in this loop, and I can't do anything but close and re-open Solidworks. Does anyone know how to fix this?


      Also, on a side note, I've been looking into ways to increase my speed when detailing. Does anyone know if there is a way to map symbols like Counterbore or Diameter to keys, or even a macro that I could run while writing notes? I get tired of diving into the list of symbols everytime.

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          Lenny Bucholz
          so what type is the file your importing? iges, step, dwd, dxf, sat this would help. is a assembly import or a part or drawing? did it come in as a solid and then your trying to make a drawing? need more info?
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            Solidworks are file conversion has never been very friendly.  Some issues have raised in the past when inserting .iges and .step files depending on how the other end user have saved them.  Most cases, one of the more efficient and trouble free extensions from external source is by using parasolid.


            For your side note, look into using 'model item' in your drawing dimensioning to auto insert pretty much everything you input during modelling.  For dimensions you do not wish to show up in the drawing, you can 'unmark' them.  As for counterbore or diameter you can always use 'callouts' and the proper symbols are linked and inserted for 90% of the time.  Every software will wipe out once in a while so sometimes some strange countersunk holes may not work.


            Cheers, H.W.