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Embed VB code into part files?

Question asked by 1-LB43TI on Mar 4, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2010 by AMCBridge eXperts

Hi all,


Can't seem to find anything on this but pleanty on macros, anyway, is it possible to add VB code to part or assembly files as opposed to creating separate macros? I thought it would be simple like in Inventor but can't seem to work it out..


What I wan't to do is be able to control my geometry of a part and also control the simulation variables from one form. At the end of the form I will have a button called mesh and run for example. Each form and associated code will be used for that part only so can I store it in the part file like I can with Inventor, word and Excel? I don't need to create the geometry with the code, I only need to control the dimension value, like linking an equation to the VBA code. I guess a macro would also be ok but is there any way to embed it or link it to a particular part file?


Programming is not the problem, just trying to understand how it links in with Solidworks or if it is a current limitation. If anyone has some information or examples that would be great.