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Toolbox Setup wizard Crashes

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Mar 4, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2010 by Daen Hendrickson

I am running SW2010 with SP2.1.


I have this submitted with my VAR along with a SWRx so it is being looked at by those who can fix it (or so I hope). But I wanted to post here to see if anyone has had similar experiences.


We recently upgraded to SW2010 from SW2008. We deployed an admin image to our workstations - 5 stations, network licensing, PDMW, shared toolbox. The first station to run the admin image was prompted to update the toolbox. The other workstations were not prompted; I assume because the installation manager could see the toolbox was at the correct current level.


All of the installation went very smoothly and SolidWorks seems to be running well.


I found the totorial on Toolbox by Sal and decided to follow along and try to clean ours up a little. And this is where the problem occurs.


I can launch the Toolbox Setup wizard without issue from either the Start Menu icon, the Toolbox menu in SW, or by RMCing in the toolbox lower task pane. It launches and looks normal. I can perform manipulations on the first page (Select Hardware) without issue and I can save those changes. I can open the second page (Customize Hardware) and this is where I run into trouble. If I begin expanding the tree in the LH pane, I can only step down a few levels and then the whole wizard vanishes. This happens for any selection of hardware, not a specific one. I can expand ANSI Inch / Washers / Plain Washers (Type A) but the crash occurs when I click on the Preferred - Narrow Flat Washer type A. This happens to be the final level or the level at which you can not mine down any further. I am able to access pages 3-5 as well.


The information in the RH panes updates accordingly as I select the different levels. But I can never get to the level that shows the list of part configurations.


I made a complete copy of my toolbox to practice on. This behavior occurs on both toolboxes. My VAR had me launch Property Tab Builder which I did without issue. Apparently both applets use the same .NET framework modules.


The toolbox itself behaves properly. I can select and insert any random part into an assembly including a washer from the above mentioned path.


Has anyone seen this type of behavior before? Any thoughts on things to check?


Thanks in advance.