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How Many Times is a Part Used in an Assembly?

Question asked by Matt Finley on Mar 4, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2010 by Matt Finley

How can I find out how many times the same part is used in an assemblly?


Some background: I'm costing an assembly that doesn't have a BOM. I used Pack and Go to get all the files from dozens of different directories on the server into one directory on my workstation, then I did a DIR (in DOS) and piped it to a text file, then opened that in excel. There are several parts that are used multiple times in the assy, but only listed once in the directory. For example, an 8mm FHCS is listed one time but shows up in two places in the assy, so I need to cost it x2.


I'm working with the engineers to develop an SOP to track this, but it's not in place yet and I've got several large assy's to do.


Also, I'm fairly good with macros/VBA in excel but have never done macros in SW and wouldn't know where to begin.


Thanks for any help.