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    Variable offset

    Mohan Rao

      Is it possible to thicken (or offset or a variable fillet) a surface to generate a varing thickness.
      For example, Generate a wedge shape off of a rectangular surface.
      I referred to a simple example here, but i am trying to do this on a wavy irregular shaped surface.
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          Lenny Bucholz
          no there is not, you would have to create a new surface the way you want it to look. then either use replace face or make a complete surface model and thicken it or trim, knit and thicken.
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            Kyle Smith

            The best way i have found to do this is to create the second surface using a boundary surface or loft built from a series of sketches. Each sketch intersects the original surface on a plane. Use the intersect tool to get a 2D spline of the original surface and add at least three perpendicular construction lines equal to the thickness values. Finally create a spline on each sketch that connects the loose ends of the construction lines. These are your 'U' lines, if you have some other information for the bounding 'V' curves, you'll get even better results. I usually need this for impeller vanes, so the planes are radial to the center line.


            Once you have two surfaces, cap the ends, mutual trim and make solid.


            Sorry I can't send a file, but see the images for a little more info.


            non-uniform offset 01.JPGnon-uniform offset 02.JPG