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    Model Simulation - Animation

    Andrew Nelson

      I am not sure if this is possible in SW.  But, I will ask anyway.


      One of my customers is requesting: "We would be looking for a ‘spinnig’ model of the pump (priority) . Time frame is not immediate – end of next week would be ok. By the way, this is something we will absolutely need in high quality format as we finalise our marketing materiasl


      I did this when I had Studio tools, but now I don't, and I need a solution.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.



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          Ian Hogg

          Hi Andrew,


          So you're just looking to animate the assembly components to see the impeller or whatever moving, perhaps with a section view or something?

          Or are you interested in seeing simulation data while it is moving?

          If you have simulation, then you have access several motion/animation tools in SolidWorks.

          If you make a post under the motion section on the forum  outlining your specific needs, you will probably get more responses than in this section. There's a variety of gurus for all types of applications who can help you out.