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Excel BOM macro failure on x64

Question asked by Cody Munk on Mar 3, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2010 by Dean Williamson

We have been using an excel bom template to generate an indented bom that shows the tree level as well as the parent assembly.  As of SW2010 this excel bom will not work on a 64 bit machine.  (on a 32 bit machine it works, but we can't open our upper level assembiles on wussy machines.) We have tried both excel 2007 and 2003, nither work. The excel bom has a macro that generates the tree level and parent columns.  Has anyone have any idea why this will not work?  The macro security is off.


Or is there a way to use the SW bom and have a tree level and parent column?


When I try to import the bom, SW opens the bom template in excel (temp file?) and then I get an error in solidworks.."Error creating Bill of Materials"  See attached jpeg.


I have also attached the bom template.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.