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    How to create a drawing of a sketch?

    Kent Swan
      I often use the huge power of sketching to develop complex relational parameteric design information independantly of whether I'm building a 3d part or not.  Is there any way I can create a 2d or 3d drawing of the sketch itself to make a documented record this design information.
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          Deepak Gupta
          Yes. Insert the views in the drawing and set the sketches to show in drawing.
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              Kent Swan



              Just ran some tests.

                   a.     I can sketch on a drawing just like I can in the 3D window

                   b.     I can copy a sketch from 3D paste it into a drawing then manipulate it


              I cannot create a drawing of a sketch done from a 3d window unless that window has a solid component in it.


              I created  a dummy solid feature in the 3d window containing the sketch which then allowed me to create a drawing.


              1. I could not figure out how to turn on the sketch imported from the 3d window.

              2. I apparently cannot create a drawing without having a 3d object.

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              Lenny Bucholz

              oh hell yes you can!!!! in a part file, make the sketch you want, close the sketch, select the scetch from the tree, control c, open a drawing, cancel the part import, then control v and wahla your sketch is there.


              but here is my question to you WHY, it's so much faster to do a solid than a complicated sketch? but too each his own, use the power of windows copy and paste, you just get more control over your sketching in the part file over trying to do the same thing in the drawing file.