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Please help a mac user get a good PC for solidworks

Question asked by 1-PT1ZLK on Mar 3, 2010
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I am an experimental film maker that has drifted into rather complex furniture and set design. Usually I use a mac for all my editing, photoshop and illustrator needs. Unfortunately macs dont run solidworks all so well (or at least mine did not) so I am now in a market for a pc . Perhaps someone here can recommend a system that will not cost me an arm, a leg and my first born and that would let me run solidworks and nothing else without crashing. I am not going to be using it a lot but enough to warrant something that is somewhere in the mid range as the projects that I use the software for are rather complex. I tried looking at dells, hps, lenovos, and so on but do not know what is best as far as quality price and so on. My budget for this is around 2 thousand dollars. Please help.


I can recommend what flavor of hd to shoot on or teach you how to load an SR3 (its not that difficult) but when it comes to this I am retarded.


Thank you for your time and patience.