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Solildworks 2009 SP 5.1 Installation issue

Question asked by Greg Entz on Mar 2, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2010 by Greg Entz

Our company just recently converted over to McAfee Webwasher, a web filtering software that pre-scans downloads for malware before it is sent to the client computer.  When we tried downloading SP 5.1 the Installation Manager will quickly shoot up to 50% downloaded then to 100% and finally jsut start back over again.  It does it several times and then acknowledges that there is an issue with downloading the service pac.   My IT technician thinks it is because of the McAfee Webwasher filter scanning the download and conflicting with the Installation Manager.  We want to try downloading the files individually but it doesn't seem as if the 2009 version of the Installation manager will allow us to do this.


We do have the 2010 version of Solidworks available but because of possible license sharing conflicts with another division we are not able to upgrade to 2010 until July.  Is tehre any other way we can download SP 5.1?  Thanks.