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Cannot delete obsolete movements in motion study

Question asked by 1-D7UY6Q on Mar 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2012 by Bulent Kalafat

Hi all,

I have encountered a very annoying issue with an animation I'm working on. For certain parts in the assembly, if i apply a particular movement to it, but then find I no longer want that movent, I cannot undo it. I find I need to clode the model and revert back to the last saved version. This is very much not ideal.

I've deleted all key frames for that particular part but it still somehow performs in the unwanted fashion. All I want is to bring the part back to its original postition at the start so I can apply new movements to it, but it seems to be stcuk with the unwanted movements I've previously applied.

Ive attached an image showing the timeline area. You will see that for the particular part there are no keyframes (I deleted them) but there is an unusual set of brown bars. I think these brown bars may be the cause of my problem.

Has anybody encoutered a problem like this before? Is there something I'm forgetting to do in order to reset this part back to it's original condition?

Thanks in advance.