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    ismail asi

      Hello all,

      Can anybody give me more information about mapping?


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          Geoffrey Leonard

          Ismail, you might have to be more specific. This is what the knowledge base says:


          1/4/2009 09:41:55 PM
          According to the help files, it is possible to delete layers when saving drawing files as DXF files, using mapping. How is this done?
          Create the “my layer” layer in the Define Layers pane. This layer is not mapped in the Map Entities pane; therefore it can be deleted (by clicking on it and using the delete keyboard button). If this layer is mapped in the Map Entities pane, it can not be deleted. Removing that and all of the entries of that layer from the Map Entities pane will allow the deletion of it.


          I don't know if this helps.

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            Wayne Tiffany

            Here is our mapping file as we have built it.  Basically I had the ACAD boys tell me what they wanted and tried to match it.