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    Export files from SolidWorks

    Oeyvind Groedal



      I'm trying to set a standard for what type of file we should use for exporting SolidWorks Parts / Assembly. We have now used IGES or STEP, but I would only use one type.
      Does anyone have a good explanation of what type I should use? What they stand for and what is most used?
      Alternatively if there are other file types that are recommended?

      Thank you in advance!

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          Josh Brady
          It depends on what you are doing with the files after you export them.  SolidWorks is built on the Parasolid kernel, so I would expect the best results from Parasolid if you are going from SW->Export->SW.  If you are going SW->Export->CAM or something like that, it may depend on the CAM package.  If you are just looking for explanations of the different formats, Google is your friend.
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            Charles Culp

            SW -> Unknown use Parasolid (.x_t)

            SW -> SW use Parasolid (.x_t)

            SW-> NX use Parasolid (.x_t)

            SW-> SolidEdge use Parasolid (.x_t)


            SW -> CATIA use STEP AP214

            SW -> Pro/E; I use IGES, although Simon Richardson says to use ACIS (.sat)

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              Brian Hoerner



                   The real truth here is that there is no firm best export, in many cases each of the formats work better than the others, so one time STEP  works best the other time Parasolid or IGES.  I have been dealing with data translations for 15 years and have not found ANY export/import or any third party software that works 100% all of the time.


                   For most straight forward geometry parts, i.e. no surfacing or lofts/sweeps, standard Parasolid is best if the importing software can handle it, if not then usually STEP works, again, never one alwyas.


                   With ergonomic parts that have a lot of surfacing type scenarios, you can only hope one of them will work.


                   Of course another issue is what options you take, or are available, with both importing and exporting software.  This is a round table discussion...because you can go round and round and round and never find a best solution today that works tomorrow for for one part that works for all parts.


              My opinion,


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                Oeyvind Groedal

                Thanks for all the feedback

                I understand there is no standard for this, but more how external producers want to get it delivered.
                I will keep to STEP format, and sends annnet format upon request.