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New hardware advise

Question asked by James Canney on Mar 1, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2010 by James Canney

So I have been asked to spec up some new workstations for our R&D dept. We are looking at laptops and desktops. I have been through Anna Woods benchmark tests and found little info on the machines I am looking at.


Just want peoples opinions really, make sure I do not miss anything. Note we are tied to Dell machines so no choice to switch.



Mobile Precision M6500 - Core I7 820QM 1.73GHz 8mb quad core

Windows 7 Pro - 64 bit

8GB 1333MHz DDR3 Dual channel memory

500GB (7200Rpm) Serial ATA harddrive

1GB Nvidea FX3800M video card


I was initially worried about the processor speed here, but after reading some reviews it looks like it uses "Turbo boost to push the processor up to 3GHz when needed. However I am not sure how this works in reality.


Workstation spec

Dell Precision T7500

1 x Intel Xeon X5570 2.93 GHZ quad core

Windows 7 64 bit


160GB (10000 RPM) Sata hardrive

768MB Nvidea FX1800


Our main use is very detailed and complex part modelling, not huge assemblies (<1000 parts), photoworks and FEA, for the FEA machine I am considering 2 x Xeon X5570 processors in one of the machines, however it is going to be difficult to justify the cost.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, as would pointing out any glaring errors I have made.