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3d Stereo DLP-Projection

Question asked by Kai Suckow on Mar 1, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2010 by Charles Culp

Since 2010 many projectors offers 3d stereo by 120 Hz by using a shutter glasses. You only need a NVIDIA card with openGL or other and a plugin of the 3d CAD Software, so the projector manufacturer. I find on the download area of this zippt file: But this File have a date of 2005. And this its not supported, because DLP is out and LCD monitors is the future. Now, I unpacked this file and installed this new "msi"-file. And I started Solidworks 2010, but I find no plugin anywhere. I do not find a Help of this file. Other 3d software uses also a plug and this is working very well. What I have to do? Is this working?

NVIDIA Config area: