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Setting Up a Dell M6300 as a Workstation

Question asked by Bruce Mutch on Feb 28, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2010 by Brian Park

Hi All,


My PC is 5 years old and getting towards the end of its life in CAD terms. Instead of spending money on a new one, I have a Dell M6300 laptop which I'm considering utilising as my main machine. I've trawled the internet and have come to the conclusion that I need a replicator to be able to easily hook it up to all the peripheral bits. I'm unable to find one on the Dell website that says it's compatible with an M6300, and am still waiting for a response from them regarding this. Does anyone out there have an M6300 that they're using on a day to day basis? How have you configured it for daily usage? If you're using a replicator, what one do you have?


Thanks in advance...