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Need Help Defining Materials!

Question asked by Otto Deruntz on Feb 27, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2010 by Anthony Botting

I have a couple issues with the default material properties:

1) I build a lot of plastic parts however you cannot run a simulation without the 'Yield Strength'. Yield Strength is almost never given in the property charts for plastics. Is there a secret to finding the correct value?

2) (I'm sure due to my ignorance) I have no trouble finding property charts for materials, but again they never seem to give all the same information asked for in the SW materials library, i.e. Elastic Modulus in X, Shear Modulus in XY, Poisson's Ration in XY, Tensile Strength in X, Compressive Strength in X.......I don't understand how to convert or read the 'in X, or in XY'...Is there a resource I can use to get the properties of different materials I may want to use into the format SW Simulation needs?Can you help me figure out how to make the conversions myself?Please don't send me back to school unless there is a simple class or guide I can follow to input any material I need. Thanks!